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Marina Bay Sands

Conceptual design. TeamLab
H/W Production. Locomotion
S/W Production. TeamLab & Locomotion

H: 19800 mm W: 15000 mm D: 15000 mm

This work consists of a 15m diameter circular lighted rink, and a cylinder at a height of 20m (D7m x H14m) that consists of a collection of light points.

A flock of birds fly through the cylinder in the air. Inside the rink, thousands of fish swim and react to the movement of people on the rink, as well as the movement of the birds above. Each person on the rink has a colour, and the nearby fish receive that colour.

The movement of thousands of fish and birds is beautiful and mysterious, like a single giant life form. The flock has neither a leader nor mutual consensus, but moves on the simple basis of; if my neighbour moves, then I move too. The biological mechanism that causes flocks of hundreds of fish and birds to move at the same time is enigmatic. It seems there is a universal principle that humans do not understand. Likewise, the coloring of the flock is not predetermined. Influenced by the presence of people, the space becomes a complex and beautiful coloration. This coloration is created by the movement of each fish and bird obeying some kind of primitive rule.

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