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Lobby at CTBC Bank

Lead Designer. TeamLab & DEM Inc.
H/W Production. Locomotion
S/W Production. TeamLab & DEM Inc

Inside the 18-meter-high CTBC financial park lobby is the largest interactive art installation in Taiwan. On its screens, seasonal and climate changes are manifested through digital Chinese ink and watercolor imagery. As a golden veil descends upon the white waterfall on holidays and special occasions, water flows abundantly, embodying the corporate mission to “protect and build”.

A gigantic interactive digital LED sculpture installation.
Rain falls from the sky; the rain creates waterfalls; the waterfalls turn into rivers, helping the flowers grow and blossom on the land. Birds gather near flowers and trees, flying into the sky where the clouds form and float away. Everything is connected in a cycle, but no events are ever repeated in exactly the same way.
Neither a prerecorded animation nor on loop, the work is rendered in real time by a computer program. It continuously changes its appearance in line with the influence of external data such as viewer behavior, the time of day, seasons, temperature, weather, and various other parameters within the CTBC Financial Park, Taipei.
Just as no natural landscape ever looks the same twice, this artwork never replicates the same state, thus creating new scenery forever.

Project Gallery

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