Chengyi Discovery
Center @Xiamen

Lead designer. Mileseum
S/W production. Locomotion

The Night of the University District in Jimei is one of the most popular cultural events. The event consists of making museums, galleries, cultural institutions, and historic buildings available to visitors for free on a selected day during night hours.

This year's edition was held at the opening Ceremony of July 16. On this occasion, on the facade of the Chengyi Discovery Center ( 339 Xinglinwan Road, Jimei, Xiamen) it was possible to admire an artistic mapping prepared to Chopin's music by the Design and programmer of Locomotion.

High Definition and 4K Ultra Digital video are the key tools used in both video mapping and large-scale image projection for the creation of seamless building projection shows. These photo-realistic and motion picture technologies become even more powerful when synergistically integrated into a large-scale multimedia presentation.

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