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Creativity should never be quashed, but it does need to be managed and guided in the right direction. That’s why we follow a linear process that gives us the freedom to become fully immersed in new design ideas, while simultaneously keeping us in check and ensuring we’re constantly benchmarking our ideas against the brief, budget and programme.

This process also supports one of our most important founding principles: collaboration. As you’ll see from the diagram, there are multiple stages where we stop, take stock and ask for input, ideas and feedback from others involved in the project – architects, interior designers, engineers and building owners, among others.

It’s important that we hear from everyone and learn about their needs and visions too, and we consider it our duty to work just as hard on collaboration and understanding as we do on our own design schemes. Teamwork always leads to infinitely better results.

We constantly review and refine because we believe that better results aren’t just apparent in the look and feel of a space, but also in the way that it operates and functions.

Our process also has a very happy impact on finances: by regularly (and rigorously) testing the costs of each project against the design, it’s possible for us to keep a close eye on the budget and make sure we get maximum value for money.

    Our opportunity to help develop the client brief and gain an understanding of the project.
    Where we collaboratively come up with conceptual lighting ideas.
    Where we start to expand the ideas into a buildable design, and test the budget and brief.
    Completing the drawn design work and coordinating with the design team.
    Helping with project management, procurement, and overseeing the contractor.
    Snagging, setting up the control and lighting systems, and seeing the space come to life through the clever use of light!
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